This has been a weekend-project but turned out to be useful to a lot of people (over 50,000 Downloads until today). I needed to know which capabilities the camera-pipeline in my cellphone supports.

Android cellphones offer APIs for the camera, and depending on the support-level of the pipeline, one can set exposure-values, whitebalance, focus etc., and expect a specific number of frames per second. As I have not been able to find specific data or support-levels for existing cellphones, I decided to create an app that is able to read every supported camera2 API function on the cellphone itself, and put it in the android playstore ( with an option to send those values to a database. At, some statistics and the complete table with models and camera2-capabilities is hosted.

Updates 27.08.2020:

  • I pushed a new version to the playstore which directly sends the data to a database-server, so new data will be available immediately without me running a script
  • I implemented and host a database-and website-server which presents the stats and a sortable and searchable table at

Updates 07.06.2018:

  • I created a script using google’s API to automatically parse all the emails that have been sent to me to create below list!
  • As my original, shared code got stolen and republished I decided to not share the updates with the public anymore
  • There is now a PRO-Version available ( that is able to probe all cameras, and I am working on determining the maximum fps/resolution ranges.

ATTENTION: A new, searchable and sortable table with all available data can be found here:

As the table that was here is now obsolete, it has been removed.