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Category: 3d printing
CR-10S – The beast from the far east

This printer is a beast indeed. It features a build-volume of 30x30x40cm, looks cool, feels sturdy, and produces really good prints!

However, it is pretty loud out of the box, which drastically reduces the WAF (wife acceptance factor). Below I will describe the modifications I did to make it silent and suitable for the living room.

Fabrikator Mini v2

My robot is in desperate needs of new parts, so I ordered the Fabrikator Mini v2 from Hobbyking (below 200 EUR with shipping). It has a 10x10x10cm build volume and a sturdy metal frame while it’s only 17cm wide, 18.5cm deep (28cm with the spool holder mounted in the back), and 18cm high, which means it fits in one compartment of an IKEA KALLAX shelf. The first impression is very positive!

In this post I will describe my first experiences, the setup in windows/linux, and which settings work best for me using RepetierHost and Slic3r.