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Hi, my name is Tobi

Hi, my name is Tobi

I am the Chief AI & Information Officer at Recycletek.

Previously, I have been working as a Datascience Systems Engineer in Germany’s largest Credit-Rating company, and on a lot of interesting AI-projects in different domains while earning my PhD at the University of Frankfurt.

My passion and research interest is focused on Computer Vision, Machine learning and Systems Engineering.

I created this site mainly to document and share my private experiments and projects,
and of course to provide some information for those that are interested in my person.

My professional life is focused on being the Chief Information and AI Officer at Recycletek, where we are engineering large-scale Software-, AI- and Hardware-Solutions for the recycling-domain.

My research interest is still on Computer Vision and Machine Learning.
I love tinkering with and building all sorts of robots and playing with algorithms of all kinds.
Besides programming, I enjoy designing and building custom electronics with eagle and fritzing,
and creating simulations and renderings of my projects with blender.

When I am not at work, I am either out running, racing my car or motorcycle on a track,
jumping out of planes (I really enjoy parachuting) or hiking/mountainbiking in the Palatinate Forest.